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How to Do Dropshipping From AliExpress to Amazon (2023 Best Guide)

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Dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon is very profitable if done well. If you are starting an e-commerce business, there are many things to worry about, from inventory to shipping and customer service. There should be no room for mistakes. However, I have some good news for you. It would be best if you started your e-commerce business with AliExpress dropshipping. Dropshipping is easy to do with AliExpress. You choose the item you want to buy on Aliexpress, buy it, and add your customer’s information as the buyer. Then, the supplier will send the product to your customer.

Before starting your business, a proper niche is required for the product you plan to sell, and you need to find the right supplier according to your niche product. In addition, the product should be low in price and high in quality so that you might get a reasonable price and a significant profit.

Before starting any dropshipping business, it is necessary to build an e-commerce business or a website to get the trusted and best suppliers. This process is challenging, but for finding the best suppliers and reliable service of AliExpress, Alibaba group provides all the services to international customers.

Dropshipping From AliExpress

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a global online retail company that started in 2009.

The company was founded by Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Alibaba Group, and was spun off as an independent company in 2014. AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group and is based in China.

At competitive prices, AliExpress offers international shoppers access to a wide range of products from China. The site features products from over 20 categories, including clothing, electronics, jewelry, sports equipment, home goods, and more.

dropshipping from AliExpress to Amazon

Is it possible to do dropshipping from AliExpress to Amazon?

By combining the services of Amazon and AliExpress, you can order a large number of products from AliExpress. Then, list these products according to your niche on Amazon and sell them. This is not considered dropshipping, and it is also a lengthy and time-consuming process.

The basic method of dropshipping from AliExpress to Amazon is given below.

  • The merchant should have to find a supplier or product already for sale.
  • The product will then be added to Amazon’s listing for sale.
  • When a buyer buys that product from AliExpress, it will allow the merchant to drop ship it to the address of the customer.
  • In simple words, dropshipping means you don’t have to purchase the product; there will be no investment made by you, and you can save money from there.

Setting Up the Amazon Store

Amazon is the most popular marketplace in the world. If you want to start selling on Amazon, you will need to create a seller account. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  • Click on “Selling” from the menu bar and select “Create a new account”.
  • Fill in your contact information and sign up for an account.
  • Enter your bank information so that you can receive money from your sales and make payments to Amazon.
  • Enter your tax information so that you can pay taxes for any sales made through Amazon.
  • Choose which type of seller account you want – Individual or Professional.

How to Choose the Best Product to Sell

Before getting into the deep discussion, select the desired niche for your dropshipping business. It depends on your interest and the listing options on AliExpress. Once you decide your market, you’ll have to choose some products to add to your store for reselling.

On AliExpress, there is a huge product collection, which can make it difficult for you to choose a product. Selecting a product is overwhelming but should be considered one of the essential tasks. Therefore, we developed a criterion for choosing a product and a reliable supplier. Here are the things that you should know when it comes to selecting a product.

Beware of the product category

There are some product categories or niche that does not befit dropshipping business. For example, branded products, electronics, clothing etc. The products in these categories are either have too much completion, may be fake products or high may have a high return rate.

So, skip all the products with existing branding. Skipping these products is just because you save yourself from reselling fakes or copies. It would be best if you had to be in a legal partnership with any other business; otherwise, the product-selling risk may increase, even if it is ideal or legitimate. This may limit your choices to some extent, but it will also be helpful for you to remain in the product category.

Free Shipping Delivery

Always prioritize reselling products that include free ePacket shipping. AliExpress products are from Hong Kong and China. However, some of the products are also shipped from the U.S. and Europe, so shipping the products to other countries may take time if shipped from China or Hong Kong. ePacket is one of the safest and quickest options to ship small products to other countries from China. Always choose the seller with free ePacket shipping of the product.

NOTE: If your customers are located in the U.S. It is better for you to look for a supplier that ships from the U.S. That could make your customers receive their package in as little as one week.

Product research

Before choosing any product, check the demand for the product. Secondly, check whether the supplier is reliable or not. This can be noticed by the volume of orders for that product. Always look for a product with many orders as it is more demanding in the business.

Product research is going to be the foundation for your success as that will determine if a product is in high demand with low completion. There are many ways to do product research.

  1. Use Google Trends to determine if the product is in high demand.
  2. Use Amazon’s bestseller rank to determine if the product is in high demand, and use the number of product reviews to determine if the product has less competition. Usually, a product with fewer than 50 product reviews is low in completion. For example, a product that sells 300 units monthly with 50 reviews is in high demand with low competition.
  3. Use Aliexpress order quantity to determine a lot of people are buying the products.
  4. Use tools to make your life easier in your product research. There are many software out there like, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Sell the Trend, SellerApp, AMZScout, ZonGuru, and many more.

Product Evaluations

Before reselling a product, ensure that the product rating is above 4.5 stars with positive feedback. For further assurance of the product’s authenticity, use the AliExpress Seller Checker, a third-party tool to get an overview of the seller and the product at a glance. This is one of the most reliable and most used rating systems on AliExpress.

Potential Margin

The resale product depends on the price; buyers feel it is easy to buy the product at around 20 dollars. This gives you more room to earn the commission; for example, if the product costs $20 and you sell it for $50, you will make a 60% profit.

dropshipping from AliExpress to Amazon

Before adding products to your store

Before adding products to your store, you should make sure that the products are in line with your brand image. You need to have a clear idea of what customers are looking for and what they expect from your store.

You should also take into consideration the size of the product as well as its weight when it is shipped. If you’re shipping internationally, then you need to consider how much shipping would cost for that particular item.

In addition, during the addition of the products, it is necessary to add the correct information and details of the product, which are given below.

Product Description

The product description is the one part of your listing that you have to get right. It’s the first thing customers see and read on your product listing. It’s a vital part of making a sale.

Customers will scan your description for key information like the features and benefits. The better you describe these details in your product description, the more likely it is that customers will place an order.

A well-written product description can help you make more sales on Amazon by increasing customer confidence in the purchase decision and by convincing them to buy from you instead of another seller with a similar item for sale on Amazon.

NOTE: Please do not copy someone else product description. That could lead to copyright issue. instead, rewrite it in your own unique words.

Images of products

Images are a crucial part of the Amazon product page. They help customers understand the product better, see the features and benefits, and make their purchase decisions. Images are often the only way to show customers what they will get for their money.

Amazon product images should be high quality, clear, and true to life. They should also be relevant to the customer’s search query so that they can find exactly what they are looking for with minimal effort. It is not a good idea to copy the image from Aliexpress because most of the images on Aliexpress are of low quality.

Product Price

As a dropshipper, the product’s retail price is a major consideration. Customers won’t buy your products if they’re priced too high, but if they’re priced too cheap, you won’t be able to make a profit.

Your product should be priced at a level that allows it to sell at a reasonable rate, taking into consideration the 15% to 45% profit margin. For your company to be successful, you must identify products that meet the needs of your target market.

You may simply verify a product’s profit margin and average pricing on Amazon with some of the product research tools. You can also compare the price of your goods with the prices of similar products using some tools. It’s also a great way to see how popular a product is and how much money it could make.

Product size & weight

Unless otherwise stated, the vendor that ships the item may charge any shipping costs from the final sale price of the item. Because it costs more to move larger items, your overall profit will take a hit that way.

Therefore, limiting the size and weight of the products you choose for your business is an obvious strategy to lessen the impact of this factor. If you find items with a good value and are lightweight, go for it. Shipping costs will be lower, allowing you to make more money.

Delivery Schedule

The product page includes the delivery date, so the buyer doesn’t get frustrated if they don’t get their order on time. Most of the suppliers on AliExpress are in China, so the delivery time might take longer than average. Also, keep the client up-to-date through emails.

Cost of Shipping

However, most suppliers use the ePacket service, which is usually free. It is a good idea to look for a supplier that uses this service in order to reduce the product price. That way, you can have a good profit margin.

The cost of shipping for drop shipping from AliExpress is usually different depending on the product. Some products are more expensive to ship than others, and some are heavier than others. It is important to know the weight and size of your product before you purchase it so that you can calculate how much it will cost to ship it.

Refunds and Returns

Many suppliers on AliExpress do not provide returns. The chances of a return are not likely after the product has been delivered to the customer. The return will only occur if there is an issue with the product or if the product is not delivered.

Before saying no to the customer, talk about the issue or fault in the product with the supplier, and try to resolve the issue in a friendly and pleasant manner. Also, contact AliExpress Buyer Protection and tell them about the user feedback.

Suppose the delivered product was not the same as the expectations of the buyer, or he was not happy with the product. In that case, we suggest making a refund and checking the product description and all the mentioned information again. If the product is broken or damaged, demand photos of it and provide all the information to AliExpress and let them decide on how to help you.

dropshipping from AliExpress to Amazon


Selling on Amozon as a dropshipper is a very pleasant tactics, because you don’t worry about stockpiling an inventory of products that may not sell.

Drop shipping is a business model in which e-commerce businesses do not keep goods in stock, but instead, the goods are stored, packed and shipped by a third-party supplier. The customer does not know the true origin of the goods.

The advantages of drop shipping include:

  • It is easy to start up a drop shipping business.
  • It is inexpensive to run a drop shipping business.
  • There are no storage fees or inventory costs.
  • There are no minimum purchase requirements for suppliers.


If products are cheaper on AliExpress, why can’t the customer directly buy them?

Yes, customers can purchase things straight from AliExpress. However, the majority of buyers prefer to purchase from a trusted source, which is usually Amazon. Customers are hesitant to purchase from unknown websites.

If the shipping takes time, what should the merchant do?

The consumer must be informed of how many business days the products will be delivered to them.

What happens if the consumer decides to return the item?

Even so, if your product is decent, most customers will accept it. However, if the customer wants to return the product, the merchant will have to arrange for it to be sent straight to AliExpress, and the merchant will certainly have to refund the customer. The merchant will also get the refund back from the supplier.

is dropshipping from aliexpress profitable?

Dropshipping to Amazon is a viable business model. Dropshipping margins typically range from 10% to 30%. Amazon takes around 15% of your top-line revenue. If your current profits are 30%, selling a service through Amazon dropshipping will give you a 15% net margin.

What does a beginning drop shipper earn?

Dropshippers profit between 20% and 30% on each sale, netting them up to $100,000 per year on average. This equates to a monthly payment of between $1,000 and $5,000. The remaining funds are used to buy the product, pay dropshipping fees, pay for dropshipping website hosting, and market the business.

Do you require a website to dropship?

No, dropshipping without a website is possible, and that is the purpose of this article. You can drop ship from Aliexpress to Amazon, eBay, or Shopify.

How much do I need to start a dropshipping business?

The dropshipping marketing strategy is incredibly flexible in that it requires very little expenditure. Because there is no stock involved and the suppliers send the various products to the buyers on your behalf, you can start it without any money upfront.

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