Helpful Finance eBooks

Encyclopedia of Financial Intelligence

This book will boost your financial IQ and make you a money powerhouse! It covers understanding priorities and where you are, keeping track and setting limits, saving money, making extra money with technical skills, creative ways to make money, getting finances under control, getting out of debt, and more.


Debt Destroyer

This eBook covers efficient budgeting for busy families, controlling college debt, avoiding credit card disasters, hidden gas-saving methods, proven methods that generate cash online, mastering the mindset of millionaires, better money management through debt control, real estate money-making secrets, and decisive steps to bouncing back from a recession.

Money Attraction

Achieving Financial Prosperity in the 21st Century. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about the importance of recognizing what you have to offer, things that hold you back, intentions, and steps to bringing wealth.

Empowered True Wealth

Inside this eBook, you will discover topics about the basics of wealth, the uncertainty of global economics, what genuine wealth is, the empowered wealth mindset, traditional planning vs. new age ideas, what empowerment for wealth means to you (how to set goals), tips for becoming empowered for wealth and the good and bad about the empowerment mindset for wealth.


Lessons From Intelligent Investor

Discover the Right Methods arid Develop Powerful Mastery Behind Investing Your Money. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about why you are investing, reasons not to invest, decide what’s right for you, mutual funds, taxes, correct mindset, and real estate.

Recession's Remedy

Wealth Hacks for Ridding Poverty from Your Life and Thriving in Any Economy. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about intro to this recession and debt, learn to stay out of debt first, budget basics, save money, and if you have a business.

Emergency Cash

Learn to cope with a money emergency, increase your cash flow without going into debt, build your emergency fund, say goodbye to credit cards, learn painless ways to find money in an emergency, and everyday ways to save money in an emergency, and more!


The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth

Learn how to make money, and make the rules! This eBook discusses not mistaking your vocation, the right place, and the right time, as well as avoiding debt as much as possible; letting hope predominate but not being too visionary; don't scatter your powers; being systematic; reading the daily papers; and so on.


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