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How To Make Money Photographing

How To Make Money Photographing (14 Comprehensive Guide)

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You’ve mastered the art of photography and have refined your abilities. But you are wondering “How to Make Money Photographing?”

Some of the avenues for photographers to earn money are listed below. This applies whether you’re building a collection or struggling to locate work that meets your qualifications. In this article, we will show you some of the best ways to make money as a photographer. 

How To Make Money Photographing

How To Make Money Photographing?

Photography is a popular career choice for many people. It is an art that has been around for centuries and it is still going strong. Whether you are just starting out or you have been doing it for years, there are always new ways to make money photographing.

Listed below, we will go over some of the best ways to make money photographing that we know of.

1. Sell Prints on the internet

If you’ve put in the necessary time and effort, there’s a decent possibility you’ve captured some stunning images by now. People are going to want to purchase them because they are so good. So, why not start selling prints of your work? It is possible to generate money by selling prints in various methods. Both solutions can be pretty simple and inexpensive to implement.

The most straightforward method is to sell images online through a third-party seller, like smugmug.com. Alam, 500px, Shutterstock, Istock photo, and many more. Their team will cover everything. You can browse through all of your most excellent images right now and upload them to a web-based storage service like Dropbox. Start earning money from the images that you sell as soon as possible!

Etsy is another fantastic site for selling your photography, and you should consider using it. Etsy is a website that provides a platform for selling a wide variety of handcrafted items. Because each listing costs only $0.25, it is a cost-effective method of selling. Nothing is more complicated than printing your photograph, uploading it to your website, and mailing the printed image to the buyer. Of course, you will be responsible for dealing with any complaints or refunds that may arise.

Another option for selling prints is a little more complicated. First, you must print them yourself and distribute them through retail establishments and eateries.

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve taken a lot of beautiful images around your neighbourhood. You may approach a cafe or a restaurant and work out a deal with them so that they can show and sell your images to their customers. All that is required is to print them and pay them a commission. They receive the artwork, make the sale, and you receive the money. At the very least, they will display your photographs in front of thousands of people.

2. Make Your Travel Photography Stories Profitable.

Do you enjoy travelling and taking photographs? Then, you might make money from both activities! Magazines and newspaper publishers, for example, are continuously on the lookout for new content to publish. Therefore, you can develop and sell travel-related material online, such as photographs or movies showcasing specific locations.

If you are also a skilled writer, you may be able to deliver a complete package consisting of an article and images. However, the writing and photographs must tell a story about the product to achieve that. As a result, it is critical to take more than just visually appealing pictures. They must convey a tale to be successful.

Travel photography is required by various organizations, not just newspapers and magazines. Also, consider selling them to tour operators, travel businesses, airlines, or even a regional publication like your local magazine.

Travel photo

3. Pursue a career in wedding photography.

Many photographers prefer to specialize in wedding photography rather than other types of photography. As a photographer, you have the opportunity to make a significant amount of money in this sector. There’s a valid explanation behind this. The amount of stress, planning, and labour that you will have to perform will be enormous.

The job offers not only excellent cash rewards, but it is also a highly satisfying one. You will have the opportunity to witness one of the happiest days of some people’s lives.

However, the level of pressure is high. Taking photographs of the happy couple during one of their most significant moments is your responsibility. As a result, it is critical to ensure that you have sufficient experience. If you have experience photographing events or portraits, you are well on your road to becoming a wedding photographer.

If you aren’t sure you are ready to photograph weddings, you can experiment with the following to obtain a similar feel for the situation:

  • Work as a second shooter to supplement your income.
  • You can photograph an engagement session.
  • Create a photoshoot that is styled (a fake wedding).

The information in this section will teach you how to establish a wedding photography business and make the most of your endeavour.

wedding photography

4. Create a photo album from scratch

Making your picture book is a less popular option to earn money from photography than selling your photographs. There are a plethora of galleries available on the internet. On the other hand, photo books are far superior to virtual galleries in a variety of ways.

Photo albums allow you a great deal of personalization. In contrast to a photo album, you have complete freedom to design your photo book any way you like. You can add text to the photographs, frames can be created around pictures, and your collection of images can be organized. If you work quickly and efficiently, you may complete a photo book in two hours. Additionally, you can experiment with purchasing a photo book online, such as the Self Adhesive Photo Album, and customizing it to your liking.

Photo books are good value for money. It is expensive to print hundreds of images and purchase a high-quality album. Many picture book firms sell books for as little as $8, which is excellent. They also make lovely gifts for friends and family members who wish to store all of their memories in a fanciful manner.

They’re perfect for passing around to clients. Some photographers prefer to publish their portfolios as books rather than online galleries. This helps to avoid a wide range of internet-related problems from occurring. Customizing photobooks gives your work a fancy look.

There are numerous approaches to creating a photobook. The process of editing and putting together a presentation does not have to take hours on your laptop. Several websites, such as Shutterfly, have designers who can create your photo book in as little as three business days. Blurb is also a fantastic platform for building your own professional portfolio of your work. All that is required of you is to upload your photographs.

Before you start shooting your picture book, it is important to select a specific topic. This will make the photobook more interesting and engaging to view. You can either choose a single theme for your entire project or break it up into themes for every ten pages of your book. Once you’ve decided on a subject, it’s time to begin selecting your favourite photographs.

Make an effort not to have too many images of the same subject. Make use of photographs taken from a variety of perspectives, lighting, and positions. This will ensure that your photo book contains as many different stylish images as possible.

Bright photos should be given precedence over dark ones. It is also a good idea to avoid using images that are incredibly blurry because they will appear unpleasant when printed on a page. In the same way, using too much contrast or sharpness can destroy an image.

When selecting photographs for online or print use, be sure to keep their resolution as high as possible. Many photography websites have a file size limit, and the closer your images are to the maximum resolution, the better they will look when printed.


5. You can licence images through Flickr and Getty Images.

Every day, Flickr assists thousands of people in starting to make money from their photographs. For those of you who have a Flickr account, you can now licence your images through Getty Images. As a result, when people see them, they can pay to use them, generating revenue for you.

Flickr members can enable a “Request to License” feature on their photo pages by editing their settings. If you submit a request to Flickr, they will review your request and contact you with any issues or questions. However, I would advise that you only post good-quality images on Flickr.

6. Make Your Photos Available for Purchase in Galleries

The sale of your photographs at local galleries is a terrific method to earn some extra cash. However, it is critical to determine what is most popular. Photos that serve to remind individuals of their surroundings, such as scenic vistas or local monuments, will sell well. International landmarks, well-known landscapes, and images of renowned people may all sell well to a massive number of viewers. However, they will be less prevalent in a small town market setting.

According to widespread consensus, if your photographs contain individuals, they will not sell. Photographs of well-known objects are compelling. Take, for example, a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a photograph of a boat in a seaside area. Tourists enjoy these, despite the fact that they are overdone among residents.

In order to obtain wall space, you must personally request it. The most effective technique to ensure that your photographs are included in a gallery is to go visit the gallery. In-person, present them with your work, and only take about ten of your best shots.

Depending on whether or not the local gallery decides to exhibit your photographs, you will need to discuss the price with them. Each case has its own pricing structure. It is possible to rent wall space in some establishments. Some companies will charge a small monthly fee in addition to a percentage of your revenues. Others may handle all of the printing and pricing, but they will charge a higher fee for their services.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower in Paris

7. Make money by selling photographs on stock photography websites.

Stock photography is something we’ve all heard of before, and it’s similar to what Getty Images is doing with Flickr. What is the best way to generate money with stock photography?

You can just sit around and wait for clients to come across your images if you want to. Alternatively, you can make money from your images by submitting them to a variety of stock photography websites. You can include keywords to make it easier for visitors to find your content.

Companies and enterprises are constantly on the lookout for stock photography. They will purchase your photographs if they are in line with what they are searching for. When I say “purchase,” I’m really referring to “licence.” If you have an extensive portfolio of photographs, you may sell them over and over again and make an excellent livelihood.

According to which of the several stock photo websites you utilize, commissions will vary. Here are a few more websites to consider: stock photography websites such as iStock, BigStock, and Shutterstock.

8. Take up Club Photography as a hobby.

Our is a particular form of photography, and it is included on this list for a good reason. Proper nightclubs have well-established promoters who work with them. These promoters are all looking for images of their club at night, and you have the opportunity to offer them. It is worthwhile for the promoter to pay for a photographer to accompany them and capture photographs. These photographs are posted on Facebook, where they are used for advertising the club.

You’ll most likely note that the vast majority of club photographers are in their early twenties, which is not surprising. As a result, you don’t need to have the most extensive professional expertise to find work. If you want to broaden your photographic horizons, you should go to a nightclub with your camera in hand. I have never been denied entry into a club because I was carrying a camera.

And, as an extra benefit, if you prefer this type of entertainment, you will find yourself attending a large number of free concerts. Tonight, go out and capture some shots at a local club, concert, or event.

9. Experiment with real estate photography.

Making money as an interior designer or real estate agent is another excellent option to supplement your income. Choose the people with whom you would like to collaborate. Find out what the going pay is for photography jobs in your area, and look at some sample photographs for real estate photography.

After that, you’ll have to put together your own package. In order to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, it should include a rate sheet, a contract, and other pertinent information.

It’s then just a matter of putting yourself out there and identifying potential clients! For finding local real estate events, websites such as Meetup.com, Meero, and Facebook groups are excellent resources. Attending design-related conferences or events may also be a perfect place to make new connections.

Whatever method you use to network, don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth! Make sure to inform your family, friends, and colleagues that you are looking to establish new client relationships. A social media presence dedicated exclusively to real estate photography should also be established.

real estate photography

10. Provide assistance to other photographers

If you are not ready yet to establish yourself as a photographer, you should try lending a hand to other photographers. This will help you gain experience and knowledge while also earning some extra cash.

Assisting a photographer is one of the most effective methods to obtain valuable expertise while also earning money quickly. If you want to work at weddings and other events, you’ll need to have a solid portfolio to show for it. In addition, there are high-end jobs, such as in the fashion industry. You will not be in front of the camera in this situation, but you will acquire valuable experience and money.

In order to complete a project, photographers frequently require the assistance of assistants, and you should expect to be rewarded for your time. The most significant advantage is that you do not have to go looking for employment; instead, work comes to you.

The most challenging element is finding people who are willing to pay you the amount of money you desire for the work you are skilled at doing. Take some time right now to look for working photographers in your area who are local to you. Contact them and inquire as to whether or not they require an assistant. If you’d like, you could offer to do it the first time for free. Hopefully, they will be interested in your work.

11. Create a blog for your business.

Creating a photography blog is an excellent method to have your images seen by a wider audience. Developing a good photography blog to accompany your photography portfolio is one of the most potent things you can use to further your photography career.

First and foremost, you must purchase a domain name and web hosting for your website before you can begin building your website. Next, download and install WordPress as well as a theme and a few plugins. Create your first blog entry, and voila, your website is complete!

12. Get to Work Teaching

Getting a foothold in a highly competitive sector like photography takes a great deal of effort and attention. In order to avoid being continuously in competition for clients and employees, I recommend that you consider teaching instead.

If you can instruct others very well about photography. This is especially important if you have access to group classes or one-on-one sessions. An excellent instructor can make a good living in this field.

13. Participate in photography competitions

There are many photography competitions out there that you can participate in. Some of the most popular ones include the Nikon Small World Competition, the Sony World Photography Awards, and the International Photography Awards. These competitions often have a large cash prize pool and can give you an opportunity to show your work to a wider audience.

Entering picture contests is a simple process that takes very little time. In any case, even if you do not win, it will help to bring your work in front of more people. If you’re lucky, your work may even be considered for criticism.

photo competitions

14. Disseminate everything on social media.

Instagram is a fantastic source of photographic inspiration for those who enjoy taking pictures. However, you may also use Instagram to make money by selling the photographs that you create.

You can provide photos to businesses and blogs that require images on a regular basis. Many photographers make money off of the images that they post on their websites or social media pages. All they do is include a link that directs you to a third-party website where you can purchase their photographs.


There are numerous avenues for earning money through photography. Prints can be sold in a variety of ways to generate revenue. Sell your photos online through a third-party vendor who will handle the ordering, processing, printing, and shipping for you. Another alternative is to print them yourself and distribute them to businesses such as restaurants and shops. Some businesses will charge a monthly fee in addition to a percentage of your profits. You may sell prints, offer photography and retouching services, or even teach photography workshops. One of the most effective ways to advance your career is to create a decent photography blog to go along with your portfolio.

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