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How To Make Money With ClickBank in 2023 (Top Insider Tips)

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How To Make Money With ClickBank in 2022

In this article, I’ll share my insider tips on how to make money with ClickBank. So, if you are wondering how to make money with ClickBank, keep reading! This article will teach you everything about affiliate marketing.

It’s no secret that the internet can be a ruthless place, and even the largest e-commerce websites cannot survive by just selling their products without an advertiser. Many of these sites thrive by partnering with other companies or individuals to promote their brands. This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Affiliate marketing allows individuals or organizations to earn commissions on sales they refer to other businesses, who will then pay them for the privilege of making the sale. As an affiliate marketer, you’re able to earn a percentage of a deal when someone clicks through your link and buys your product or service. 

You can also utilize search engine optimization to increase your sales opportunities by attracting more potential customers from search engines like Google and Bing.

What is the ClickBank affiliate program?

The ClickBank Affiliate Program is an online affiliate program that was started as a response to the need for more specialized affiliates on the internet. It was created in San Diego, California, the United States, in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber.

ClickBank offers access to thousands of products that affiliates can promote through emails, online advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), classified listings, social media sites like Facebook, etc. ClickBank is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks, with more than 200,000 affiliates and over $340 million in commissions since inception.

As the world’s largest digital marketplace for affiliate marketing, ClickBank has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and website owners to generate millions of dollars in sales. They also offer digital content like eBooks, software, audiobooks, video courses, and music.

Clickbank Affiliate marketing- the basics

With affiliate marketing, you partner with other businesses in order to boost your profits. When you have a partnership with another business, this partnership is called an affiliate relationship. When someone clicks on your link and then makes a purchase from the business you’re partnered with, that individual has just become your customer- or in other words, they’ve made a conversion through your site.

Affiliate marketers are paid when their customers make purchases through their links. The more conversions you make, the more money you earn. This is because most affiliate programs operate on commission – meaning for every sale that’s made through your site, you’ll get a percentage of the sale. 

For example, if someone buys a product for $100 and they’ve clicked through one of your referral links to buy it, then you’ll receive 10% of the total sale amount- which in this example would be $10. Now do the calculation, if you’re able to sell 500 of that same product in a month. You will earn $5000 in that month. But take a note! Some affiliate commissions are more than 10%, while some are less.

Bonus: If you are looking a for free affiliate marketing training from a successful Clickbank affiliate marketer Click here

How to use Clickbank

The very first step, of course, is registration. Yes, that is true. You need to visit a Clickbank login page and create a Clickbank account. The signup button is easily accessible on the top right corner of the page.

Navigate to clickbank.com and click on that “Signup” button, then enter your information. Please make sure you use your correct email address, as you may need to activate the account by confirming your registered email address. To go directly to the Clickbank login/signup page, please click here

After successful registration, you’ll have the opportunity to choose an affiliate ID. You will use your affiliate ID in all of the promotional links so that you can earn money when sales are made through that link. Once that setup is done, you are now in the group of affiliate marketers. 

Choosing the best niche in the Clickbank marketplace

Choosing the right niche for your business is crucial. It’s crucial to find a niche that’s relevant to your experience, expertise, and audience you’re trying to reach. You may have stumbled onto this article because you’re looking for tips on how to make money with ClickBank.

Before you dive into Clickbank, it’s important to do some research on what other successful affiliate marketers are doing in your industry. If you are trying to make money by selling products through Clickbank, it would be best if you found a niche that has a lot of products or services available. It will be easier for you to earn money as an affiliate marketer this way because there will be more opportunities for people to buy through your link.

So, what is a niche? Nich is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. As far as Clickbank is concerned, the niches are the categories on the left side of the marketplace page.

From experience, the best niches on Clickbank are:
1. Health & Fitness. (Diets & weight loss, addition, remedies, exercise & fitness, etc.)
2. E-Business & E-Marketing. (Affiliate marketing, paid surveys, SEO)
3. Spirituality. (Numerology)
4. Self-Help. (Marriage & relationship, parenting, dating guides. Etc.)

It is advisable to narrow the niche by focusing on the sub-niche inside the brackets. 

How to find products that people want

One of the most important factors in affiliate marketing is finding products that people want to buy. This will be the product you’re promoting to earn commissions. It’s important to find a product that is both profitable and has an audience that is willing to buy it.

Use the filter in the Clickbank marketplace and sort by gravity. The higher the gravity, the better because it shows how many people are already promoting the product. (You know if it is not making money, people will not promote)
Choose a minimum gravity of 30 and above—avg $ sale – $20 or more.

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Once you find an interesting product, the next step is research, research, research! You need to research the product to see how much people are searching for it on a monthly basis. There are many tools available online that can assist you in your search for a profitable product. You can use Google Trends, or Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank to see what products are popular with consumers before making your final decision.
In addition, to find popular keywords for free, you need to utilize a tool called Google Adwords keyword tool. In this tool, you can input phrases related to your products and see how many searches for those phrases have been done in the last month. You can also input specific questions about the products and get keyword suggestions from Google to help you optimize your advert with relevant keywords. But note, this keyword suggestion is from paid traffic.
Another popular way to figure out what products people want to buy is by using a tool known as the “Ubersuggest” The Ubersuggest tool is owned by entrepreneur Neil Patel. This tool works like Google’s keyword research tool, but unlike Google research tools which give you the data based on paid advertising on Google, Ubersuggest gives you the data based on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results. 
How can this tool benefit you? First, get your product of interest on Clickbank and then paste the product name in Ubersuggest, you will see how many people are searching for this product monthly, and you can also get the keyword idea for this product in case you want to build content around it.
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From the example above, I searched for the Keto diet from the weight loss niche and got monthly search results of 673,000 in the United States alone. That means a lot of people want this particular product. Therefore, you can advertise it through Facebook Ads or Google Ads, and you can also build quality content around it.

How To Promote Your Product on ClickBank

The ClickBank account you create will have an affiliate ID that you created yourself. You’ll also need PayPal or a bank account associated with your ClickBank account in order to withdraw your money from ClickBank. Once you have completed the ClickBank setup process and have logged in, you can start promoting your product.

From your account dashboard, navigate to the affiliate marketplace on the left side of the page. Click on it, and it will take you to the Clickbank marketplace. This is where the magic begins. See the image below.

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In order to promote your product on ClickBank, click the “Promote” button at the side of the offer. This will take you to a page that has a few different options for promoting your offer. You will be able to add your affiliate ID and then generate your affiliate link. It is this link that you will promote through your blog post or paid ad in order to get a commission.

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Paid advertising method

The first option to promote is that after getting the right keyword from Ubersuggest or Google keyword research tool, you can build quality content around the keyword and then promote the content through Facebook page, Reddit, or Linkedin.

Google AdWords or Bing Ads: Google Adwords or Bing ads that will allow you to specifically advertise on Google search engine listings or Bing and Yahoo networks.

Facebook Ads: Facebook ads that will allow you to purchase an ad campaign through Facebook and direct it to people who are more likely to purchase your offer based on their interests and demographics. 

YouTube ads: YouTube ads that allow you to target video viewers based on their interests and demographics. These are three of the most popular advertising platforms for affiliate marketers, but they’re not the only ones available!

Adhitz: Adhitz is a leading advertising network that reaches millions of consumers every day. Adhitz’s clients are primarily in the tourism, real estate, and finance sectors. With their network of over 200,000 websites and mobile applications across the globe, they deliver millions of ad impressions to a worldwide audience.

Adhitz was founded in 2009 with a focus on delivering advertisers with quality advertising. They have been able to grow their revenue to a volume of 3 billion USD annually because they have taken a data-driven approach to market and advertising, which has enabled them to achieve unparalleled levels of transparency when it comes to ad delivery. 

This transparency has also helped them provide advertisers with accurate reporting and management tools that allow them to optimize performance for maximum success from Adhitz campaigns.

Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank, and it is a common tactic for brands to generate more sales and visibility. It involves paying influencers to promote your products on their Instagram feeds. The return of investment can be substantial, about 10x the cost of the campaign.

This approach is not without its own sets of problems, though. The main one is that not all influencers are reliable or consistent in delivering on the expectations they set for themselves.

The good news is that there are now solutions available that will help brands identify the best possible influencer for their needs and avoid time-consuming vetting processes by using algorithms to match customers with relevant influencer-based on interests, location, and followers’ engagement levels.

There are two different types of influencers: micro-influencers and macro-influencers. Micro-influencers are typically people who have up to 10,000 followers on Instagram. Macro-influencer is people who have over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Free traffic methods

  1. Use Quora: Quora is a question and answer website that you can use to generate free traffic to your site or offer. Find a question that relates to the product you’re promoting. For example, you want to promote a Keto diet product, look for a question about weight loss and contribute positively by giving a good convincing answer. 

In the answer, you can direct the reader to your website or a landing page that contains your offer. You’ll need to be clever about this because Quora doesn’t like promotional links in the answers. Your question will be left on websites for a very long time, which means that if you have posted a great answer and people enjoy it, they’ll upvote it and increase the chance of sales.

2. Facebook group: Yes, you need to use Facebook groups to get free traffic to your offer. Any niche you choose, there is a Facebook group for your target audience. Go to your profile on Facebook and search for the group related to your niche. For instance, let’s say you are promoting the Keto diet; since this is in a weight loss niche, search for the “weight loss group.”

Tips to open a new profile for this purpose. ****

TOWEWR6EVSmqL0hfxh9zk45dxAE OztVLU7ZCfqW9AQP

Click on the join group option and then answer the group questionnaires; some groups require admin approval, while some groups give you instant approval. Go in the group and look for those posts from people that are looking for solutions to their weight problem. Just like Quora, answer with a good convincing solution, and here you can introduce the product you’re promoting. Imagine how many people will see your contribution. 

Tips: Please do not spam the group….

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to generate traffic and leads for your business. It is a platform where people share and collaborate on images. The popularity of Pinterest has led it to be one of the most visited websites globally as well as one of the most popular social media sites.

Pinterest allows you to post anything that you want, which means that it can be used as a marketing tool for your business. There are various ways in which you can use Pinterest to generate traffic and leads for your business, such as by pinning blog posts on topics related to your company, repinning content from other sources, or using paid advertising.

However, not all businesses know how to make the most of this platform. But for those who don’t want to spend money on social media advertising, or those who want to take advantage of Pinterest’s popularity with users, they can get free traffic to Clickbank offer with this site, build your audience on Pinterest that you will promote the offer to. Go to Pinterest.com and sign up. You have the option to either sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account.


After successfully creating your account, you need to change your personal account to a business account

4. YouTube video

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms of all time, with over one billion active users every month. If you are interested in starting your own channel on YouTube, you can do so for free.

If you are looking to make some extra money by creating videos, there are plenty of opportunities available on YouTube, and you do not need any prior experience in order to get started. You can start a Youtube channel and review various products. You can create an informational video about the product you are interested in promoting and upload it on your channel. 

Product reviews are a great way of earning money on Youtube. You can start with posting videos that showcase the products you’re promoting in a detailed manner. You could also create video guides that walk your viewers through the process of using these products. The possibilities are endless when it comes to product reviews. You should include your affiliate link in the description to make sure you will get your commission if your viewer purchases the product.

5. Instagram 

Instagram is a visual platform that has been used for marketing for a long time. It is a good platform to use if you want to show off your products. Create an Instagram account with your company’s name and logo as the profile picture.

You should also post pictures of experiences or situations where your product would be useful and actual situations where people are using it, or show how it can be used in everyday life. Posting great photos will draw more people to your account and will make them more interested in what you are offering. If you want your account to succeed, you need good visuals of your products on Instagram.

Please add the link to your landing page URL in your Instagram bio so that when people click on your posts, they will see your profile and visit the landing page URL you’ve given in the bio section. That way, they will get access to the product, and if it appeals to them, they may make a purchase.

6. Use free high-traffic article directories.

One of the most popular and free methods of getting traffic to your site is article marketing. You can use this method to write articles that are relevant to your product, place them on high-traffic sites like Ezine Articles, medium, or Google sites and attract organic traffic back to your site.

Try and write quality content around the Clickbank product that you are promoting. When you have published that article on high-traffic article directories with your affiliate link, this allows people to find your content and then click through to buy the product.

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How to make money with Clickbank without a website

Making money with Clickbank is actually easier than you might think. You don’t need a website or blog to make it work for you. All you need is traffic, and let’s say you want to write content around a product without a website, you can use a free Google site, medium, or blogger. They are free to use but hey! Having your own website has more benefits for long time achievements.

Now let us go back to the question, How do you make money on Clickbank without a website?

The best way to advertise a Clickbank product is on Google. All you need to do is to create an AdWords campaign. It allows you to target your audience by location, language, device, gender, and age – among other things. The process can be quite complicated if you are not familiar with Google AdWords. Here are the steps:

1) Create an AdWords account and complete your profile

2) Set up search and display network campaigns for clicks or conversions

3) Add keywords that best represent the product and search intent.

4) Set goals for your campaigns (Lead or sale). Leads are to capture emails, and sales are to sell the product.

Another way is to use Paid and free traffic generators mentioned in the previous section,

The best time to promote your product

Affiliate marketing is an ongoing process. You’ll never know when someone will be ready to purchase your product. But you can anticipate when people are most likely to search for your products or services.

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you can promote your images around the time of year when people begin planning their weddings. Or, if you sell pet food online, you can promote it during the summer months when people are looking for ways to keep their pets cool and hydrated.

Regardless of your specific niche, understanding the seasons and holidays that are coming up will help you plan accordingly so that potential customers can find what they need before it’s too late.

Tips for affiliate marketer’s success.

If you’re new to the game, affiliate marketing can seem overwhelming. It’s important to start small and work your way up the ladder of success. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now and have learned a lot about what’s successful and what isn’t. I’m going to share some of those tips with you so that you can have the best chance of making money with ClickBank.

Here are some insider tips for beginners:

  1. Choose a niche that interests you.

No matter how great your product may be, you won’t find success if it doesn’t appeal to a certain niche. When thinking about what’s popular in your chosen niche, think about your customer’s needs. If they’re struggling with weight gain or losing weight, then maybe a course about proper nutrition might be more appropriate than an e-course on fighting depression.

2. Optimize your website

The more traffic you bring to your site from Google, the better! That’s why it’s important to make sure that all your content is search engine optimized (SEO). When writing blog posts and creating pages for products and services, always remember to include keywords that will help people find them in search engines like Google and Bing. It would be best if you also kept updating old content and adding new content as often as possible to increase the volume of quality content on your site.

1) Start building your network.

3) Advertise/promote your product within your niche community.

4) Run PPC ads on Facebook or other social media platforms.

5) Be patient! Success won’t happen overnight—you need to give it time before you see results.

6) Use spy tools

What are you doing to know what your competitors are up to? Do you have any affiliate spy tools to help you know what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why? You need to use the best tools in the market if you want to know what your competitors are doing. 

You can use affiliate spy tools for this purpose. These tools will help you know everything about their marketing strategies, business growth hacking techniques, all their efforts, etc.

When it comes to affiliate marketing activities, there is no other better way than using spying software that can let us understand our competitor’s marketing strategy better.

Some of the spy tools you can use are Adplexity. Anstrex. SpyPush. AdPeriscope. Mobidea spy tools.


Different methods of making money with ClickBank

Affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money with ClickBank. You can also resell products and earn a profit, or you can offer your services as a digital download such as an ebook or video training course.

There are many ways to make money with ClickBank, but some methods will work better for you than others. Experiment with different types of marketing and find out which ones work best for your business.

How to make money with Clickbank without a website

One of the best ways to get started with affiliate marketing is by utilizing an existing website or blog. This is a great way for beginners to get their foot in the door, so to speak.

Many bloggers, for example, will post links to their favourite products on their site. When someone clicks on that link and purchases that product or service, the blogger will then receive a commission for referring to that business.

Similarly, web admins may include links in their content that lead visitors directly to other sites where they can purchase what they’re looking for.

You can also make money by working with ClickBank without having your own website or blog. You’ll need an account at Clickbank.com first; you can sign up here. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to set up your ClickBank account and create a store page where people can buy products from you through ClickBank.

alternatives to clickbank

ClickBank is a popular eCommerce platform that provides an easy way to sell digital products. It provides a good UI (user interface) to build your website and market your product. But, if you have been using ClickBank for a while and it doesn’t meet your needs, you may need to find an alternative. With that in mind, there are many great alternatives to ClickBank that you may consider

The guide below will give you details about a few of the best Clickbank alternatives that are available. 

  1. JVZoo

The JVZoo affiliate program was established in 2011. The company offers a wide range of digital products, with prices ranging from $5 to $999 or more. It has over 800,000 successful online entrepreneurs as affiliates, who are helping it to grow its sales massively.

The JVZoo affiliate program is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make money with their own business. You get to promote products on your website or social media account and get up to 50% commission of the sale you generate.

  1. Digistore24.com

Digistore24.com is an affiliate platform that offers a wide range of digital products and services for businesses and individuals. The company has a unique affiliate program that allows its users to earn money by promoting Digistore24.com products on their websites or through social media channels.

As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote Digistore24.com products and services with no upfront costs or risks, no monthly minimums, and change your commission rate at any time. What’s more, all orders you send to Digistore24 are tracked in your affiliate account with full statistics, so you can easily monitor your progress.

CJ Affiliate Program

7fmzbeOfJhFBpqc0sHtvZB3eZWwaI7plUZ90pVTXgzNvJbwAyTphJKI6DIjT8uOuxMoo6lF9GDnZ NY3ZSRQk J4OyOa1sboWMyEWsd3e x4iPjCcQhi jK7K1RcEgkYF1QkGA8E

CJ Affiliate is one of the longest-standing affiliate networks in existence. They offer different brands’ affiliate programs for software, retail, and other sectors. Despite its age, it’s still popular and has loyal fans who say it’s a great alternative to ClickBank.

They have an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to find offers that suit your needs, as well as lots of information about each offer, including commission rates, payout methods, conversion rates, and other factors.

There are many reasons for choosing CJ Affiliate as your affiliate marketing network. You can access premium brands you won’t find anywhere else, the company is stable and well-established, and there are tons of data-backed ways to make money with this network.

Clickbank FAQs

Is Clickbank legit?

ClickBank is a trusted and established company that provides services to many online merchants. ClickBank has grown to be one of the most popular and well-recognized sales channels.

How does Clickbank pay you?

Clickbank pays its affiliate marketers with checks, direct deposits, wire transfers, or Payoneer. Clickbank does not pay through PayPal unless the sale was made through PayPal and you specified PayPal as your payment option. The commission on purchases made through other methods other than PayPal will appear in your account and will not be paid through PayPal but instead be delivered through the payment methods listed above.


Now that you know the basics of ClickBank, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results- it can take time for your message to spread and to build up a following. But by following the advice in this article, you’ll be on your way to making money with ClickBank in no time!

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