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How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency (10 Best Tips Inside)

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There are a lot of success stories where people make millions of dollars through cryptocurrency, and you might have also heard some of that news. This might also make you want to learn more about how to make money with cryptocurrency to see if you can make money with it as well or if some of your friends have just had terrible luck. Well, let’s be honest about this.

The good news is that it is true that people are making millions of dollars. However, you need to know that not everyone who enters the bitcoin industry intends to make a fortune. I also know some people who lost money because they did not properly know how to make money with cryptocurrency. So, it is essential to understand how to make money with cryptocurrency. Before you venture into the crypto business, please read this article entirely so that you may not miss any important information you could regret later.

How to make money with cryptocurrency
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Some of the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency are the following;

  • Mining: In this method, you will mine cryptocurrency to enjoy rewards.
  • Airdrops: This method lets you receive free deposits of cryptocurrency in your wallet.
  • Faucets: You can earn free cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks through this method.
  • DAOs: Through this method, you can own a share in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • Crypto Lending and Yield Farming: This method lets you generate an attractive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your cryptocurrency holdings.
  • Play–to–Earn Crypto Games: This fun way lets you earn rewards for playing crypto games.
  • HODLing: As its name shows, you can invest in digital assets and HODL long-term through this method.
  • Day Trading: This method is for making money by trading cryptocurrency pairs.
  • Staking and Interest: Through this method, you can earn passive income on idle cryptocurrencies.
  • Investing in Promising New Coins Early: This is the overall best way and my personal favourite way to make money with cryptocurrency.

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Now, let us look closely at these 10 best ways to make money with cryptocurrency. 

1. Mine cryptocurrency to enjoy rewards.

The first strategy from our list of the most ideal ways to bring in cash with cryptocurrency is through mining. Mining refers to the most common method of linking specialist hardware to a desktop, which interfaces with the blockchain of the individual cryptocurrency. The thought behind it is that miners empower the network to operate in a decentralized way.

This is because transactions are approved while mining equipment solves complex numerical equations. Also, consequently, miners are compensated with brand new cryptocurrency money tokens that go into circulation, and each block is confirmed. For example, in the case of Bitcoin, another block is made at regular intervals of 10 minutes, and this one mints an extra 6.25 BTC.

2. Airdrops

This method is similar to faucets in that it allows you to earn free cryptocurrency tokens without the need to deposit or spend to spend any money at all. The main idea behind it is that some newly launched projects will distribute their native tokens directly into people’s wallets as a means to enter the cryptocurrency into circulation.

In other words, crypto Airdrops are a way to reward holders of a token with free tokens. They are often used by new cryptocurrencies to generate interest in their project and increase the number of people who will hold their tokens. The most popular form of Crypto Airdrop is an Ethereum-based airdrop. However, there is also Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more.

3. Faucets

In this risk-free method of earning through cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency faucet websites offer you the chance to acquire free digital tokens by following through with tasks. There are numerous stages here, and the particular task you are expected to finish will vary, starting with one site and then moving on to the next. For instance, some crypto faucet platforms expect you to finish captchas.

This is the kind of thing anybody can accomplish—so no related knowledge is required. You then, at that point, have crypto spigots that come as a portable application. Most of these ask you to play recently released games, and you get free cryptocurrency when you reach specific goals.

4. DAOs

Apart from NFTs and metaverse, the role of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) in the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can’t be neglected. This is because DAOs allude to projects that are all in all claimed by the community and investors. What’s more, to become a section proprietor of a DAO, you just have to hold the respective token.

So many crypto DAOs are operating, and each project is different from the other. Uniswap is one example. Through this project, you can buy, sell, and trade digital currencies without needing a centralized third party.

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5. Crypto Lending and Yield Farming

With the help of cryptocurrency, yield farming and lending is another beginner-free way to make money. Through this method, you can lend your idle tokens to a liquidity pool. For the purposes of decentralized exchanges, you will provide much-needed liquidity. On the Binance and Ethereum blockchain networks, Pancakeswap and Uniswap are some of the leaders in this market. The funds you will deposit into the liquidity pool will be locked away for a minimum amount of time.

In other words, the idea behind Crypto Lending is that investors lend their digital currencies to traders and receive interest on the currency they lend. The trader can borrow any amount of the currency they want and they must return the same amount at a future date.

Yield Farming is a strategy of investing in multiple cryptocurrencies with the intention of earning interest income on those investments. The yield farmer will buy different cryptos with varying levels of risk, and then hold them for an extended period of time to earn the best possible return.

6. Crypto Games with Earnings

Playing crypto games is the next fun way to earn money through cryptocurrency. This might be very surprising to you, and you might be wondering if it is for real. So, yes, you have not made any mistakes in reading it. The marketplace is a place to play to earn crypto games worth billions of dollars. My personal favourite game is Decentraland. The concept behind it is to buy and sell plots of land. You can purchase a plot of land and then sell real estate NFT in the open market. You may be amazed to know that some plots of land in the Decetraland metaverse have been sold for millions of dollars. Isn’t it amazing?

7. HODLing

This method from our list of “How to make money with cryptocurrency” is especially for beginners. This is a very easy, yet very interesting method of earning money through crypto. The term “HODLing” refers to buying cryptocurrency and holding tokens for a long time. This method is very similar if you’ve heard of buoying stocks and holding shares. This is how you HODL or SELL when the market fluctuates, and prices rise and fall. However, this method requires a long-term strategy to effectively take advantage of this. 

8. Day Trading

Day trading is probably one of the best methods to make money with cryptocurrency. The concept behind this idea is that you will hope to take advantage of short-term volatility. Besides, brokers in this market will once in a long while, if at any point, clutch a situation for over a day. What’s more, the goal is to create numerous situations over the course of the day, each with more modest but successive benefits.

In addition, cryptocurrency day traders are usually individuals who trade cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. They are mainly interested in the short-term price fluctuations of a particular cryptocurrency or digital token. Day traders need to know how to read the charts and have an understanding of technical analysis. They also need to know how to use stop-loss orders and limit orders, which are used to minimize losses and lock in profits respectively.

How to make money with cryptocurrency

9. Staking and Interest

If you have idle digital tokens and are looking forward to finding those concepts which will make you earn through them, then let me tell you that there are two prominent ways. The first is crypto staking, and the second is through an interesting account.

The first method is to lock away your tokens for a certain amount of time to help confirm exchanges on blockchain networks that use confirmation of stake.

The second concept, which is through an interest account, involves operating in a similar manner to a traditional bank. With this method, you can deposit your cryptocurrency tokens and be paid a rate of interest.

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10. Investing in Promising New Coins Early

This is the overall best way and my personal favourite method to make money with cryptocurrency through investing in the best altcoins as early as possible. 

If you remember Bitcoin, when the digital currency was first launched back in the year 2009, you would have paid just a tiny fraction of a cent to buy it. Also, Ethereum was trading at just $0.75 per token in 2015.

But if you look at the prices now, you’ll see that both of the above projects are now worth thousands of dollars, and people who put in the time have since made a lot of money.

So, investors, these are the 10 ways to make money in crypto. I hope that this article was interesting for you. Please share your views about which of these ten methods you find more attractive in the comment section.

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